Meet Dan

Great things happen when you let them.

I’m an actor, a writer, and a rocket scientist. I love it all and always excel.  I find both science and engineering highly fascinating.  I love to snowboard and am learning how to surf.  I’m a power yoga junky.  Its an amazing workout and a way to silence your mind and connect with yourself.

I am an optimist and a realist, laid back and passionate.  I love to leave my inhibitions behind and truly embody a role on camera.  Acting is my passion with writing falling in at a close second.  I’ve completed my first novel entitled ‘STAR’ and am writing a TV pilot ‘British News.’ I also worked for over six years at The Aerospace Corporation doing Space Launch verification for the US Airforce.

Life is too short not to give it your all.  Don’t waste talent.

“Thrive off the challenge.”