Meet Dan

Great things happen when you let them.

I’m an actor, writer, director/producer, and former rocket scientist. Make it happen is my mantra and I always excel.  Both science and the arts are highly fascinating to me, so I jump at the opportunity to combine them whenever possible.  I love to snowboard, go running, and practice yoga. Its an amazing workout and a way to silence your mind and connect with yourself. I also fancy myself a fun dad. 

My projects and performances always embody who I am at the core, an optimist who’s laid back and passionate.  I love to leave my inhibitions behind and truly embody a role on camera, or bring words to life in unique ways.  Acting is my passion, with writing a close second. 

BuzzChomp and Pillow Talk TV are two of my proudest accomplishments. My published work includes a spy satire novel Starbeans: A Coffee Conspiracy, as well as Youtube and Beyond, a guide to content creation.

Life is too short not to give it your all.  Don’t waste talent.

“Thrive off the challenge.”

Demo Reels


Theatrical Agent: Pureflare Talent

Troy Rudisill | | | (424) 253 – 4779

Commercial Agent: Stark Talent

Alycia Stark | | (310) 409 – 7383

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